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Your goal, and mine, is to find up-and-coming companies with high potential for long term growth and outstanding performance - and getting in before everyone else does. I look for companies with exceptional management and ever growing profits. They must also be in growth industries. Of course, there are other requirements, but I won't bore you with those here.

Each month, I will be searching through the best companies looking for the next big winners. There will be at least two new selections each month. When I find something that offers exceptional opportunity, I will post them here. In addition, I will be sending out occasional alerts when I see something that requires quick action.

Each selection will be rated from 1 to 10, 10 being the best. You won't see anything here less than 7 unless there is a really strong reason to go against the flow, which does happen occasionally.

I will also alert you if the fundamentals of a company change and signal that it is time to sell. I only stay with a company so long as it keeps bringing in more money. Sort of like my ex-wife.

New Recommendations

Corcept is in the business of developing drugs for the treatment of a variety of disorders. What makes CORT stand out among other pharmaceuticals is that they are already profitable and have an almost perfect history of growth. Read the full report...

Advanced Energy makes power supplies. You can't get much more boring than that. But it is exactly this kind of company that produces those big gainers everyone is always looking for. Read the full report...

Facebook, Inc. is focused on building products that enable people to connect and share through mobile devices, personal computers and other surfaces. The Company's products include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus. Facebook enables people to connect, share, discover and communicate with each other on mobile devices and personal computers. Read the full report...

Akebia is a biopharmaceutical company involved in producing drugs for anemia caused by chronic kidney failure. About 30 million Americans are affected with millions more at risk due to obesity, diabetes, etc. We might be a bit early to the party, but Read the full report...

Current Recommendations

Current Recommendations
Based on the latest closing price
TickerExchangeNameDate AddedPriceCloseGain/Loss %Notes
AKBANASDAQAkebia Therapeutics IncSep 22, 201717.578.53-51.45 % 
CORTNASDAQCorcept Therapeutics IncorporatedSep 22, 201718.2013.04-28.35 % 
AEISNASDAQAdvanced Energy Industries IncSep 22, 201776.1441.60-45.36 % 
FBNASDAQFacebook IncSep 22, 2017170.54137.42-19.42 % 
  Average Gain (Loss)   -36.15 % 


My performance to date
All selections were made using strategies from this website

Based on the latest closing price
TickerExchangeNameDate AddedPriceCloseGain/Loss %Notes
CORTNASDAQCorcept Therapeutics IncorporatedAug 2, 201712.7713.042.11 % 
LTRXNASDAQLantronix IncJan 30, 20172.122.8534.43 % 
NVDANASDAQNvidia CorporationJan 9, 2017107.70147.6137.06 % 
MBLYNYSEMobileye NVDec 13, 201638.1163.5066.62 %Company purchased by Intel at 63.50 per share
DQNYSEDaqo New Energy CorpSep 2, 201624.8624.30-2.25 % 
AALNASDAQAmerican Airlines Group IncNov 2, 20134.6833.57617.31 %Does not include dividends
LOANNASDAQManhattan Bridge Capital IncMay 3, 20131.965.95203.57 %Does not include dividends
  Average Gain (Loss)   136.98 % 
Full disclosure: I currently own all of the above except DQ, which I sold at a small profit when the F-Score fell.
All selections were made using filters from this website

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  • American Airlines – Up over 1,244.66%
  • Nvidia – Up 152.43%
  • Manhattah Bridge – Up 234.18%
  • Mobileye – Up 73.58%
  • Lantronix – Up 179.56%
  • Daqo New Energy – Up 24.90%
  • Corcept Therapeutics – Up 15.90%
  • Cyberoptics - Down 35.68% (My bad. So whip me)

Yes, those are all my trades. Note: I sold American, Mobileye, Cyberoptics and Daqo. The rest I still own.
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