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All items under the Member category are free. The stock selections are all based relative to other stocks. The strategies have also been tested and proven successful over long periods of time. All selections include the F-Score

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Premium membership includes everything on the Member list plus much more. The selections are based on pure fundamentals and are ranked by F-Score, which gives you the best and strongest compenies first. Using the F-Score has been shown to out-perform the market by 3 to 4 times!

You also get lists of the best stocks that are just breaking out and are ready to explode. I have found some terrific deals this way.

Oh Yeah, Dividends. You get a list of the best companies paying the highest dividends. Get the highest income with the lowest risk!

Each month, I will be reviewing the latest results looking for outstanding opportunities. I will provide a review of each selection and analyze what makes it a great opportunity.

I will review the fundamentals as well as the price action. I will also be on the lookout for those smaller stocks with great profit potential. I will also evaluate the risks (and there are always risks).

Want an example? On Dec 13, 2016 I bought Mobileye (MBLY) for $38.11 including commissions. Three months later, Intel announced they were buying the company for $63.50 per share. That's a 66.62% jump in three months! - An annualized return of over 265%

You will also have the opportunity to send me your latest pick and we will discuss the pros, cons, and what-ifs of the stock. It doesn't get much better than that!

There will also be special alerts when I see something really special happening like breakouts or breakdowns that require fast action.

At less than $9 per month, this one is HOT, and will save you tons of work, so sign up now.

At the professional level, you get all of the above and the ability to download your selections in a CSV file for you to use to advise your own clients. Now you can grow your client's accounts safely and enjoy outstanding returns!