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The Invisible Market

The one place that stocks outperform all others by far.

What is the one area of stock investing that is ignored, overlooked and just plain invisible to the overall market? What is the "Secret" place where more profit is made than all the others put together?

This is a place where the profits are huge. The risk is low. It is a huge playing field with thousands of companies. You have virtually no competition. And best of all, almost no one is watching them! What is this secret arena? Hint: ...

It's Not Penny Stocks

These are the Micro-Cap stocks. They have market capitalizations under $25 million. This group can also sometimes include some small cap stocks, those between $25 million and $500 million. But the most powerful of them all are those in this group that trade between $1 and $5. Their performance is astronomical.

The reason that these stocks are ignored is really quite simple: When a stock trades at less than $5, the major exchanges no longer list them so they can no longer be seen in your searches. They also don't fall into the penny stock category, thankfully. So they are in limbo. No one looks at them so they simply become invisible. It's their loss, your gain.

Take a look at the chart below, courtesy of James P O'Shaughnessy's wonderful book "What Works On Wall Street" (1996 edition). The potential returns of this group of stocks is astounding.

During one 40 year period, these stocks returned 20% annually, driving a $10,000 investment to over $29,000,000! The group also did it with the least amount of risk!

Invest Where Others Can't

Mr O'S also states that these stocks are all too small for the major funds to invest in. A statement that remains true to this day. However, he also states that it is not possible for the individual investor to handle due to the sheer number of stocks to consider.

That may have been true at one time, but with computers in every home and every pocket, the ability to find top quality investments in this area is just as easy as finding top quality stocks in any other area. A top quality stock is the same regardless of company size or stock price. It doesn't matter if the price is one dollar or 1,000 dollars.

What Matters Most is the Potential Gain

And stocks trading between $1 and $5 represent the most potential for gain than any other sector of the stock market. It is much easier for a 1$ stock to double than it is for a $100 stock. The key is to find top quality stocks. If you use the same criteria for these stocks as you do for larger companies, you will greatly increase your chances of success.

To recap, look for companies with these virtues:

  • They are in new and / or growing industries
  • They have increasing sales
  • They have increasing profits
  • Cash on hand is growing
  • They have declining or zero debt

At Will The Geek, you will find a special set of filters that help you select the best stocks in the Micro Cap group. They are sorted and grouped by stocks that offer the most potential for growth.



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