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Will The Geek - What's it all about?

It's all about keeping it simple. It is all about providing information no one else will give you. I put massive computing power to work to do the job analysts do and then select stocks that meet the requirements for each investing strategy. Learn more...

Will The Geek and the Non-Geeky Walkthrough

Take a step by step tour and learn how simple successful investing and stock selection can be.

Trading Penny Stocks - Step by Step

For some reason, people just can’t seem to avoid the lure of penny stocks. Everyone dreams of turning $100 into $100,000,000. It doesn’t happen, no matter how often you hear the hype. So, since you are going to do it anyway, I might as well tell you how to do it the right way. Hopefully I can help you avoid most of the risk and keep you from losing too much money.
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Trading 52 Week Highs for Maximum Profits

There is nothing more powerful than an undervalued stock breaking out to new highs. It really seems counter-intuitive, but this has been one of the most consistent stock market winners of all. O'Niel, Darvas, Buffett and others have all employed this winning strategy. Combine it with other screens like the F-Score for one of the most powerful trading systems of all time.
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How to Analyze a Company in 7 Seconds Flat (or Maybe 6)

We are told that it takes hours every day and a financial degree to analyze a company's financial statements. Wrong! Here is how to do it with just a quick glance.
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The Power of Undervalued Stocks

Undervalued stocks have proven to be the most profitable and reliable of all investing strategies. Find out how spot these bargains the simple way: with just one click of the mouse.
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Get Out of Jail Free

Oh, you're not in jail? That's what you think. Here is your step by step escape plan.
Get Out of Jail Free

Seven Pieces of Really Stupid Investing Advice

These bits of "wisdon" will lead you astray or leave you frustrated and broke. Here are 7 pieces of stupid advice - and 7 ways to profit from them.
7 Pieces of Really Stupid Investing Advice

The Secret Place That Makes 100 Times More Profit than any Other

Yes, there is such a place. Large hedge funds use it, but they certainly don't tell their investors. Now you can use the same strategy for big gains with little risk.
Trade The Invisible Market